Blog / Puppy FAQs and Tips


How do you choose the parents?

Our Goldendoodle and Labradoodle Parents are bred from AKC registered parents and we only breed AKC Standard Poodle puppies. We have put a lot of time and energy into researching our stock. To ensure a healthy and vigorous breeding stock we DO NOT Line breed, also known as in-breeding. We breed for temperament and family companions, not show dogs. It is more important to us that you have an excellent companion than a perfect coat.

What is an F1?

As an example, an F1 Goldendoodle puppy has a Standard Poodle as one parent, and a Golden Retriever as the other parent. An F1 is then 50% Standard Poodle and 50% Golden Retriever. We use AKC registered purebred parents for our F1 puppies.

What is an F1b?

As an example, an F1b Goldendoodle puppy has a Standard Poodle as one parent, and an F1 Goldendoodle (see above) as the other parent. An F1b is then 75% Standard poodle and 25% Golden Retriever. Again, we use AKC registered Standard Poodles, and our Goldendoodle Dams have AKC registered parents.

Poodle Versus Doodle? 

It is really a matter of your preference.

The Standard Poodle is an exceptionally intelligent breed. Standard Poodles are considered to be hypoallergenic. Unlike most dogs which have two coats, poodles have a single layer coat. Poodles are frequently breed not just to Labradors or Golden Retrievers but to other breeds as well such as, Australian Shepherds or German Shepherds.

Doodles combine the best of the Poodle breed (intelligence, hypoallergenic coat, etc) with the best of the other breed. The dogs display what is referred to as “HYBRID VIGOR”, which is the term used to describe the burst of fertility, good health, and growth that is seen in the offspring when two unrelated breeds are mated. 

Please do your research or ask us! We live with these dogs and can give great insight!

What else can you tell me about these companions?

Life expectancy is 10-12 years, or longer. All puppies require a lot of time, patience, and money! Sort of like an infant:) So be prepared! Our dogs and puppies are all Standard size and will range in weight from 50-70 lbs once full grown, depending on the parents.