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About Our Puppies

3 cream F1 goldendoodle puppies playing in the sunshine and green grass


Our F1 Goldendoodle puppies are 1/2 AKC Golden Retriever & 1/2 AKC Standard Poodle. They are low shedding and have that classic, “teddy bear” look. Our F1B Goldendoodle puppies are a result of breeding an F1 Goldendoodle with an AKC Standard Poodle so they are 1/4 Golden Retriever and 3/4 Standard Poodle. We choose to produce F1Bs since they have very little to no shedding. They are a perfect dog for families with moderate allergies. We ONLY use AKC registered parents or F1 dams from AKC stock so we can track bloodlines and avoid inbreeding (beware the F2, F2B & multigenerations for exactly this reason!). Our puppies are a product of a diversified gene pool, so our Goldendoodle puppies benefit from hybrid vigor, a phenomenon described as the increased vigor or general health and resistance to disease, often manifested in hybrid animals. 

apricot AKC Standard Poodle puppy posing in the vibrant green grass in sunny AZ

AKC Standard Poodles

 AKC Standard Poodles are the most highly underated dog in our opinion! Don't let those show dog haircuts fool you - the Standard Poodle is a sporting dog and is the second most intelligent breed among all dogs! Our Poodle puppies for sale have proven to be easily trainable, loyal, and athletic. The best part of a poodle’s dense, curly coat- it does NOT SHED! No dog hair on the couch. Poodles are an excellent dog choice for families with allergy sufferers.   

a laundry basket full of cream F1B Goldendoodle puppies after bath time


  •  All of our puppies are standard size, so 45lbs+. We average the parents' weights to estimate the puppy's weight when grown (typical average 50-65lbs). 
  • We suggest using a professional groomer. We have our poodles and goldendoodles groomed every 8-10 weeks.
  • We recommend crate training and obedience training as soon as possible to teach your new family member your house rules!
  • As a small family goldendoodle puppy breeder in Arizona (AZ), our puppies for sale are raised with love and socialization; they are a blank slate for training into the perfect dog!