Hybrid Vigor Goldendoodle Puppy AZ

What is Hybrid Vigor?

The definition of hybrid vigor, or heterosis, according to Webster’s dictionary is: the marked vigor or capacity for growth often exhibited by crossbred animals or plants.

The F1 and F1B Goldendoodle (if bred properly) greatly benefits from hybrid vigor and is not known to be plagued by health diseases often associated with purebred dogs.

When breeding our goldendoodle puppies, we only use AKC registered purebred parents and F1 Goldendoodles from AKC registered parents. This is particularly important for the F1B generation since these pups are born from an F1 goldendoodle (50/50 mix) and bred to a purebred poodle. If a breeder does not take care in understanding their adult dogs’ pedigree, they can easily be inbreeding their F1B goldendoodle pups and reducing the entire point of hybrid vigor. This is why we do not to breed “multigen”, F2 and F2B goldendoodle puppies as tracking the bloodlines of these generations is nearly impossible. In addition to documenting bloodlines, we also health test our breeding adult dogs to make sure we are producing quality, healthy goldendoodles.  A great resource to understand the different generation of goldendoodles can be found at: http://goldendoodles.com/faqs/generations.htm
We take pride in knowing our beautiful goldendoodle puppies benefit from hybrid vigor from our responsible breeding practices. We also stand behind our puppies with a written health guarantee.



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