Bringing home a Goldendoodle puppy

When is the best time to bring home a Goldendoodle?

The absolute best time to bring home a Goldendoodle Puppy is when you have time to spend with him or her. If you have kids, the summer break from school is a great time because everyone is home most of the day to play with and train your puppy. Whether you work from home or the office, if you devote your downtime hours to spending time with your puppy, you will be creating an awesome companion.

One of our F1 goldendoodle puppies all grown up!

Goldendoodles love to be our companions and spend as much time with us as possible. If you live in AZ, the outdoors is a Doodle’s playground! Hiking, swimming, park visits, camping, Doodle Romps, wherever you go is where your Goldendoodle wants to be.

Another one of our F1 goldendoodles on his birthday!!

Make sure you can spend lots of time with your new Goldendoodle puppy and enjoy your new family member!



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