Benefits of Bringing a Goldendoodle into your Family

Over the years, we have gotten a lot of feedback from those who have adopted our Goldendoodles into their families. We would love to share some of this positive feedback with you. One of the most common things we hear is that the Goldendoodle truly becomes a family member. Goldendoodles love to be with their families. They are very adaptable to different lifestyles and adjust easily to your type of lifestyle. They are happy as long as they are with you. Whether your family is large and active or small and not so active, we encourage you to take your fully vaccinated Goldendoodle with you wherever you go. They are very social and love to meet new people. Goldendoodles are perfect for families with children. They love the playtime children require and their temperaments are patient and loving.

In addition, the reduction in shedding compared to the purebred retriever is a huge game changer for dog owners. The F1B of course provides the least amount shedding, but the F1 generation is a welcome change for previous owners of purebred retrievers or any shedding breed. We take pride in our puppies’ gorgeous coats. Proper diet and exercise ensures this continues as the dog ages.

Another benefit from bringing a Goldendoodle into your life is you automatically get a built-in buddy. Goldendoodles love to hike, swim, go to parks, ballgames and any other event that allows dogs. This encourages you to be more active as you now have a friend that loves to go outside and move. Perfect for runners, hikers, and just ordinary walkers like myself!

The benefits of the Goldendoodle go on and on. Not only are they great family members, have little to no shedding, are active and fun, and relieve stress from daily life, they are truly man’s best friend. You will enjoy your smart, loyal, and fun Goldendoodle! Once you go Doodle, you never go back!!!



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