The Standard AKC Poodle

One of the most misunderstood aspect of the AKC standard poodle breed is their remarkable ability in the hunting and swimming fields. The poodle was bred for retrieving water fowl, similar to the golden retriever. Our poodles love swimming in our pool every summer. We find their tight, dense curls help keep them buoyant in the water.

Although our poodles swim for fun, they can easily be trained to retrieve. The poodle is a versatile breed. It is active enough to keep up with you in your outdoor activities, yet can settle down and lay down beside you next to the fireplace. Poodles love their families and are eager to please them. They are highly intelligent and love making their families happy. Don’t let the dog show standards fool you. Poodles are excellent family dogs and are not just for beauty contests. They are so wonderful with children, young and old. We love our poodles!

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Check out this video from Red Hunting Poodles Youtube channel. This AKC Standard Poodle is impressive:





  • That was interesting about poodle’s ability to hunt and swim. I didn’t know that because I’ve never seen a poodle in swimming in water or a pool. Thanks for sharing and showing videos.

    • The Poodles make great dogs because of their athletic ability and intelligence. Our poodle isn’t as highly trained as the one in this video but she is an excellent retriever and very well behaved.

  • I found out about poodles years ago and was so surprised to learn about them being hunting dogs. Since then I have even seen a few out n the field. I believe its the “haircut” that people have given them that makes it hard to take them as serious hunting dogs, when they actually they are pretty awesome!

    • The AKC standard poodles can have the poodle haircut or the puppy cut (which is the one our dog groomer uses). I am sure there are other ways to groom the any dog and that is something a groomer can discuss based on your dogs coat type.

  • I didn’t know poodles were so adept. The sure are cute though. The Toy Poodle is popular in Asian countries at the moment, especially the red one.

    Is it true that poodles are “hypo-allergenic”? I’ve heard that people who are allergic to dogs can have poodles without allergy issues.

    • Poodles do no shed like other breeds do. Generally people who have allergy issues caused by dogs that shed their coats can do much better with a AKC standard poodle breed (no shedding) or a Goldendoodle/Labradoodle (low shedding)

  • Ket

    OMG! I had no idea that poodles were retrievers! So much stereotyping on this breed has led me to believe they belong in laps (except the standard poodle of course). Thank you for opening my eyes I will respect that breed more in the future.

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