Puppy dog training for your Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, or Poodle

Dog Obedience Training Tips

Clicker training is a popular tool for all types of animal training and is our preferred method for puppy dog training our Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, and Poodle dogs!
This training only takes 10-15 minutes a day and the results are excellent! In this example, Ill use our labradoodle puppy Roxy to demonstrate how this works.

What is the Clicker and How does it work?

Clicker training uses a sound , a *click*, that lets our labradoodle and poodle know when they are doing something right. It is a handheld tool that uses a metal tongue that you push quickly to make a sound. The clicker teaches our labradoodle, Roxy, that when they hear a *click* they will get a treat.

Associating the Click with a Treat

For the first handful of training sessions, keep them under 15 minutes, the goal is to have our labradoodle or Poodle associate the *click* with a treat. At this time do not use any verbal commands or praise. I just remain silent with my clicker in the right hand and the treats in my left.

I begin to use the clicker at irregular intervals and give the labradoodle a treat immediately after. Sometimes the labradoodle goes off in another direction, in only a short while the labradoodle hears the click and turns back because it begins to recognize that a *click* means treat! Once you feel your labradoodle has this down, typically a handful of sessions. Then we can move onto the next phase…

Puppy training and obedience training

There are three basic methods to getting our labradoodle to perform the desired behavior for obedience training. These are:

Catching – When your dog takes the first step to the desire behavior – *click* then treat. Example: When training for sitting, as soon as our labradoodles but hits the ground – *click* then treat.

Shaping – Used when working on a new behavior or a series of behaviours. Example: Our labradoodle sits well, but we want her to learn sit, stay, and come. Each step is rewarded in steps and soon our labradoodle is performing the series of steps in one command.

Luring – This method will be used the dog to the desired behavior. For example: For training our labradoodle to roll over, we have to lure her from the sitting position to the down position (holding the treat in our hand where she can smell it), then to roll over – *click* and treat.

Once our labradoodle dog has the desired behavior using the *click* and treat, then we insert the verbal command ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘down’, etc. After you have inserted this verbal cue, only reward the dog when the cue is given beforehand. In time the *click* and treat will be replaced with verbal praise as the positive reinforcement.

The ASPCA organization has additional information and is a great resource for this and other information. Please visit them here: https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/virtual-pet-behaviorist/clicker-training-your-pet




  • hi there!
    unfortunately the video does not seem to work but I get a good sense of how the clicker works. It is similar to classical conditioning introduced in psychology by Pavlov. Where a neutral stimulus becomes associated with something and then creates a response. In this case, the clicker would be the neutral stimulus. It can certainly be very effective

    • Hi Emily, exactly the training keys in on the Pavlov response and is very effective with obedience training. When find a way to get what you want (behavior) and what the dog wants (treats) then both are happy.

      • I have a shih tzu and it’s impossible to get my dog used to the clicker, he always get’s so distracted even when i’m in a quite room with nothing that he will be able to mess around with. I’ve done the click and treat thing over 40 times and now i’m running out of training treats. Someone help, he just won’t understand plus his behaviour is bad as well. he’s only 2 yrs old.

        • Thanks for your comment, Raju. I do not have a lot of experience training a shih tzu. Have you tried looking into local dog obedience trainers in your area? There is often a lot of information at your local pet food stores. Hope you find the help you need. Thank you for visiting love4oodles.com

  • Liz

    Thanks for the info. I have never heard of using a clicker before. I like the idea! Can you use this method with any breed ?

    • Good question…The clicker method can be used with any dog breed at any age. Also this method can be used with other pets/animals.

  • Great dog training tips with the clicker I will pass this to my sister who is in training to be a dog trainer she will love using it. Unable to view video but great work.

    • Dogs at any age can certainly be obedience trained using this method. Video works when logged into facebook, I may look on posting it on Youtube and embed using that method. Thank you!

  • Leo

    I trained 3 of my beleags with snapping my fingers instead of using a clicker, and associated (Stay, Sit, Lay, Come, Good, and Jump) commands with American Sign Language. I can sign a command to them too without using words and they’ll still follow the command. It’s best to stick with one word ASL commands, as it gets too complicated for them. My dogs have learned over 30 ASL signs.

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