Goldendoodle Doodle Romp, Puppy Puppies

Have you heard about Doodle Romps? We had not heard of these until very recently and we think they are an awesome idea! Doodle romps are events where Doodles and their people get together to socialize and share about the greatest loves in their lives—their Goldendoodles or Labradoodles!

People considering getting a Doodle can get resources about responsible breeders in their area and find out about just how incredible Goldendoodles are. We highly recommend finding a Romp if you have a Doodle up to date on those oh so important vaccinations of course!



In AZ, you can find the group Doodle Romp-Phoenix and Arizona Doodle Group on Facebook. Have fun and spread the love of Doodles!





  • Angela

    I have a Golden Retriever but had looked at info about Goldendoodles before I got him. It would be great to see some info about getting them in Canada too!

    • Hi Angela! Thank you for visiting our website! Yes, Goldendoodles are the best of both worlds and benefit from hybrid vigor by mixing gene pools. We have never had one of our fur babies go out of country, but if you’re interested, be sure to contact us so we can discuss! Thanks again.

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